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    Andres and Peeter Võsu founded Estonian Christian Television in September 1991. The first program was broadcasted the same year in Christmas time in so called "St. Petersburg" channel. The rooms of ECTV located in the Television Tower of Tallinn, where the direct transmission of the programs took place.

    In 1993 the form and the content of the organization changed. The stock company became a non-profit organization and from a television channel the production part continued. Four denominational representatives together with some individuals formed The Board of Leadership that is currently leading the organization.

    ECTV moved to Tallinnfilm building in 1993 and remained there until 1997 when it rented rooms in "Marat" building in Tallinn. In 2001 ECTV moved on to the building of the public television company ETV.

    Since 1993 a foundation 3xM in The Netherlands is partnering ECTV funding most of the organizations work. Besides the regular support 3xM has regularly organized training and other partners to network with ECTV.

    Estonian Christian Television has from time to time updated its equipment to keep up with the demand of the industry. It started with so called "good home video level equipment" in 1991. In 1993 ECTV received a "real" camera (still S-VHS) and S-VHS - Betacam SP linear editing system. The second Betacam SP player for editing came in 1996. Since 1997 ECTV has a non-linear Avid edit suite and in 2001 the DV Cam format was added.

Eesti Kristlik Televisioon
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