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    "Church Life Chronicle" is on the public television channel (ETV) every Saturday after 8 AM. It lasts for 15 minutes and reflects the important events for the Christianity that also might offer an interest to the wider audiences.

    "Church Life Chronicle" has been regularly on the air since 1994. Many well-known people, locals and foreigners, have been in the program. Many processes in the society like rehabilitation work with prisoners or addicts or registration of marriages by the church have also been reflected. The church has been able to say out its position about the problems in the society through the program. Currently the "Church Life Chronicle" has become an integral part of the church life in Estonia.

    Through the times Estonian Christian Television has been producing different programs for different television channels. A series of social problem programs, "A Human", was on the air on the ETV from 2000 to 2001. "Church in Estonia" that introduced different churches was produced and broadcasted earlier.

    ECTV has also recorded and produced a lot of traditional and contemporary Christian music.

Eesti Kristlik Televisioon
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